New book  "Estructuras de Acero: Inestabilidad"

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METALPLA (steel structures) and ESTRUMAD (wooden structures) programs  have been pioneers in our country, since 1982, in the calculation of advanced structures made of these two materials.

Both support 2D and 3D structures.  The program is very intuitive and simple, using skilled resources that greatly facilitate data entry and graphical display. Of particular importance is the entrance by type and by building models.

All results include graphics and text representations, allowing develop a very detailed and easy to understand calculation memory .

The technical capacity of the program is complete. Supports calculations in first and second order, earthquake and fire protection, semi-rigid members, sockets, critical buckling loads and modal shifts, calculating natural frequencies, foundations, etc.

The programs are adapted to the Eurocodes, also to the "Código técnico de la edificación", EAE and IAP-11.

Every year appear new releases which include improvements and adaptations to changes in normative.

These two programs, one specializing in the calculation of steel structures, and the other in the calculation of wooden structures become indispensable tools for engineers, architects and technicians.

These programs are free to teachers and students belonging to universities, and can be used in academic works, as well as academies and schools.