Estrumad XE5

Besides common popints with Metalpla See common points

According to Eurocode 5 and the latest revision of the Technical Building Code

Features & News:


  • Gestor documental. Personalice sus informes añadiendo las imágenes que desee, así como el logotipo de su empresa en los encabezados.
  • Document Management System. Customize your reports by adding the images you want, as well as your company logo in the headers.
  • Download examples / template cloud, to have a project in minutes.
  • Using all processors in the calculation. Calculate a structure is even faster.
  • Text description on the members.
  • Simplified inputs bars if they are of constant section.
  • Drawing tensions and envelopes with color grading.
  • Improved import DXF files.
  • Tables created by users travel with the FIE file, it is not necessary to move files tables.
  • Assigning the worst classification section, if the table is more favorable
  • Improved editing assumptions and combinations as well as automatic renumbering
  • Import DXF improved for calculating mechanical characteristics of sections
  • improved member links. Calculation of semirigid members.
  • Drawing reactions in the graphical output of results.
  • Improved own weight calculation variable section bar
  • Automatic saving of project. Configure how often you want the program to automatically save its structure.
  • Aid in the calculation fire
  • Improved PDF export with the ability to embed fonts in the document
  • American profiles. Calculate structures in other countries.
  • New export options in results display (HTML, Word, Powerpoint ...)
  • Validation loads in members

And XE3 version

  • 32- and 64-bit, the latter up to 25% faster than 32-bit
  • Uploading to the cloud and be able to visualize these structures from a mobile device (tablet / smartphone)
  • Autodimensionamiento of wooden structures
  • comprehensive calculation of any wooden structure
  • Automatic generation of common types: Trusses, ships, buildings, towers ...
  • Calculation of constructive models: Slabs, parecillos, trusses, beams boomerang, ...
  • Import and export DXF files
  • Foundations
  • Dynamic analysis and buckling
  • Automatic generation of loads and calculation of belt ships
  • Calculation to fire
  • Calculation to earthquake
  • Joints . Crown joints
  • Calculation of mechanical characteristics of profiles from your drawing in DXF
  • Engage with Revit 2016 and 2015 (separate module)
  • Hipped roofes

In the case of LT Estrumad, not all options are available, as is a reduced version of it, and very easy to use

Specific benefits Estrumad


The option defines Models Constructivos very simply the data concerning: coordinates and characteristics of knots, numbering bar, section types and even permanent loads generated internally, the maintenance, the snow and the different winds. It is an extremely fast, powerful and easy to use procedure. Some of these models are represented

Curved beam

Spanish truss

Gabled Beam

Continuous beam


Apex portions and diversion of fiber

Gabled beams, curved beams, beams and members with boomerang variable section, the apex portions and diversion of the fiber according to the recommendations of the CTE are analyzed.

Calculation in fire situation

Calculates the structure fire situation according to the CTE according the time of fire resistance and speed of carbonization of wood.

Link with Cadwork program


The Cadwork is a program module manufacturing wooden parts through numerical control that can link directly to the ESTRUMAD. The program makes a real representation of the actual structure.

Mixed structures steel - wood

The program supports structures in which steel bars and wood are included.


Printing rigorous, thorough and easy to interpret, adapted to the rules of the Technical Building Code results.